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Wedding planning with a “digital bride” twist

My fiancee and I are planning a summer wedding. Summer 2012. It seems so soon! Since we have different work schedules, I have gotten creative on how to discuss wedding and reception ideas. So far a few things we did:

  • Create a joint wedding email account, which forwards to both of us. Then we can say: did you read that one from (insert vendor) instead of waiting until we see each other to discuss what was in the message.
  • Found ribbons in “our colors” at a crafts store, then going to a home improvement store so we could get paint chip samples. This is a little more manly for when he has to choose his tuxedo and pocket square, and a lot less messy than a ribbon fraying.
  • Drafted invitations online. No commitment to print or order from that vendor, but a nice image of how the words would look with different fonts and paragraph alignment.
  • Use an online “inspiration board” to collect ideas. This way I avoid bookmarking websites and forgetting what I liked at each one.
  • Design a virtual wedding dress online (I don’t want him to see the REAL finished product until the wedding day).

Have you found new ways to use technology for event planning? Do you have any ideas for other wedding planning shortcuts?


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