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Square One Again

Earlier this month I tied the knot. Became a wife. Yup, he calls me missus.

To quote Shug Avery in The Color Purple

I’s married now!

There was a flurry of hugs, a few signatures, and now a whole new life begins. I find myself asking “honey is it okay if I go to .. ” instead of declaring “Lesli, I am going to .. “

Sometime during the flurry of last-minute details, loose ends, and preparing for back to school, there was a notice of yearly charges for – I saw this and decided to not renew the domain.

My decision, without any input, has been to blog for fun. Share about the days, outings, people that bring me joy. If someone likes what I write, wonderful. If nobody likes what I write, awesome. Because this social media thing was supposed to be fun, not a job or a career for me.

When there is a chance to connect with friends, or connect friends to each other, I will make it happen.

Please join me at, at or at as I share images of interesting things. But only after a family discussion 😉


Questions? Comments? Share!

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