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Geek Alert

So here I was, browsing Facebook when an ad popped into my stream. No biggie, right? Except .. check it out. Something in a symbolic, not alphabetic, language. Which I don’t speak, or read, or know anyone who can translate.

FB Geek Alert Fail
FB Geek Alert Fail

 I really need the Facebook geeks to review their sponsorship / audience algorithms / guidelines / functionality. Also, please stop asking me questions about why I want to hide ads. If I wake up in a bad mood, click “HIDE” by accident and then later search for it, can’t you find it for me? Or at least, I would HOPE that’s how Facebook graph search and fancy advanced computer programs are supposed to work.

PS – if anybody from Facebook is reading, I’m a Latina in the New Jersey / New York area. Aside from English I speak, read and write Spanish. No other languages, unless you count Spanglish. That’s all.