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Cold Outside? This Will Warm You Up, Inside

News flash. Winter storm JONAS has hit the East Coast harder than puberty hit Peter Brady.

Anyone who has looked out a window, turned on the news, checked Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, or any other social media outlets, knows what I’m talking about.

Everywhere. Up and down the block – EVERY block – visible, measurable piles of SNOW for the first time in 2016. On the rooftops, in the windowsills, in the street, in our shoes, socks … SHEESH!

What’s a suburbanite to do when the idea of

digging out the car, slipping and sliding,
up and down a hill, and elbowing a stranger
for the last ripped box of pasta
and dented can of sauce on the shelf 

… ahem, when the governors declare a state of emergency, what’s a suburbanite to do on a day that getting out of the house involves a plan of attack and strategy, and a military veteran reconsiders how to make a quick run for essentials?

Head for the coldest part of the house. Raid the freezer. Repeat, raid the freezer. As cold as it is outside, the cold INDOORS can be a valuable resource.

We picked up the heart-shaped frozen waffles earlier this week, the frozen berries were in the door of the freezer, the yogurt was in the fridge, and I grabbed honey off a shelf.

Waffles Fruit Yogurt
Waffles Fruit Yogurt

The waffles went in the toaster oven. The fruit went in the microwave in a glass bowl. Before putting the fruit on the waffles, I added a splash of honey for a touch of sweet. The finishing touch was vanilla yogurt for a touch of cool.

It tasted as good as it looked. Well, the top half of the dish was prettier, but still.

Would you make it for someone special? Would you serve it as breakfast in bed, or as dessert?


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