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Cosmos, Brunch and Birthday Notifications

Some people believe a blog is an “online diary” open to the world. While there is comfort in knowing that my words might cause someone to nod, share their own stories, or take action, I regularly find myself not posting. There are some topics that are definitely off-limits to me. I have no intention of blogging about… Continue reading Cosmos, Brunch and Birthday Notifications

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Not the Birthday .. or Day After .. I expected

Yesterday, September 10th, was my birthday. Once more, as every year since 2002, I woke up disoriented and confused. My husband and I awoke, as the door clicked and our teenager left for school. We looked at each other and he said “whoa, she left without saying goodbye”. We walked around the house for a… Continue reading Not the Birthday .. or Day After .. I expected

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Miercoles Mudo – 106 – Wordless Wednesday

No tengo mucho que decir, porque quiero mostrar esta foto. Digamos que hoy es Miercoles Mudo. I don’t have much to say, because I want to show this photo. Let’s call today Wordless Wednesday. Hoy my abuela cumple sus 106 años. Imaginemos lo que pensaba, cuando mi primo Hamlet y los demás familiares tomaron esta… Continue reading Miercoles Mudo – 106 – Wordless Wednesday