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Cosmos, Brunch and Birthday Notifications

Some people believe a blog is an “online diary” open to the world. While there is comfort in knowing that my words might cause someone to nod, share their own stories, or take action, I regularly find myself not posting. There are some topics that are definitely off-limits to me. I have no intention of blogging about… Continue reading Cosmos, Brunch and Birthday Notifications

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Square One Again

Earlier this month I tied the knot. Became a wife. Yup, he calls me missus. To quote Shug Avery in The Color Purple I’s married now! There was a flurry of hugs, a few signatures, and now a whole new life begins. I find myself asking “honey is it okay if I go to .. ” instead of declaring… Continue reading Square One Again

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Wordless Wednesday – McDonald’s Leap Day extras

It has been a while since I wrote for the blog. School assignments keeping me busy, plus wedding planning and even a job. Any minute now “they” won’t let me call myself a blogger. On the bright side, last night I saw this email from McDonald’s and I simply have to share it with you. “I’m… Continue reading Wordless Wednesday – McDonald’s Leap Day extras

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Been Gone Too Long

Too long? Dang right too long! The time is now one month since my last post, and probably my post before that was a month earlier. Instead of blogging, or using Facebook and Twitter, my time has been spent unplugged. My phone has been on silent or turned off for church, for class, for work.… Continue reading Been Gone Too Long