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A few (historical / funny / true) things about New Jersey

Remember the days when we sent each other e-mails instead of blog posts, status updates and links? I kept this one from a long time ago – back when the Real World was groundbreaking television, the Jersey Shore was a travel destination and tweets were sound effects for cartoon birds – because it made me… Continue reading A few (historical / funny / true) things about New Jersey

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Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins – Sabroso Saturday

I’ve had a couple of busy days with lots of exams and classwork, so the week seems to have flown past. I almost forgot today was Friday. This recipe is included in the book “Cook Yourself Thin” and think we might just be able to make a few batches of these, to keep on hand… Continue reading Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins – Sabroso Saturday

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McDonald’s – Balance and Taste – Giveaway

A few weeks ago we attended the McDonald’s First Taste event in New York City. I picked up Lesli from school. When we first got to the restaurant Lesli and I sat in a quiet spot to eat an Asian Salad  with grilled chicken (available for a limited time this summer), but pretty soon we… Continue reading McDonald’s – Balance and Taste – Giveaway