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Cosmos, Brunch and Birthday Notifications

Some people believe a blog is an “online diary” open to the world. While there is comfort in knowing that my words might cause someone to nod, share their own stories, or take action, I regularly find myself not posting. There are some topics that are definitely off-limits to me. I have no intention of blogging about… Continue reading Cosmos, Brunch and Birthday Notifications

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Remembering a Friend

Almost four years ago, in the town where I grew up, we mourned the loss of a man who everyone knew. A man who left his mark in the school system, the municipal court, and in the hearts of many people. Depending how you met him, you might have called him an activist, advocate, loudmouth, major… Continue reading Remembering a Friend

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Lessons from 2011

In the past year I may have experienced every positive human emotion. Gratitude, when I realized my neighbors watched for Lesli and me, by shoveling after the snow. Awestruck surprise, when Daisy invited me and two other ladies into her personal kitchen for an unforgettable cooking lesson. Pride, when I received the dean’s award. Joy, when Arthur asked me… Continue reading Lessons from 2011

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Another New Beginning

You may have seen my update on Facebook or Twitter: It’s not Christmas but Arthur gave me something sparkly. After Thanksgiving dinner, while the rest of the family lounged over dessert, Arthur suggested we move to the living room. He gave me a beautiful engagement ring, which made me lose my breath and giggle like… Continue reading Another New Beginning