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Cosmos, Brunch and Birthday Notifications

Some people believe a blog is an “online diary” open to the world. While there is comfort in knowing that my words might cause someone to nod, share their own stories, or take action, I regularly find myself not posting. There are some topics that are definitely off-limits to me. I have no intention of blogging about… Continue reading Cosmos, Brunch and Birthday Notifications

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Friends and family day – save up to 20 percent

This Friday, October 19, 2012, Walgreens is sharing the employee discount with every single customer. Every customer, actually, who takes the time to print the coupon or enter the code during checkout while ordering online. To explain it briefly, for Friday’s promotion the employee discount is 15 percent on most items, and 20 percent on W, Nice… Continue reading Friends and family day – save up to 20 percent

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Square One Again

Earlier this month I tied the knot. Became a wife. Yup, he calls me missus. To quote Shug Avery in The Color Purple I’s married now! There was a flurry of hugs, a few signatures, and now a whole new life begins. I find myself asking “honey is it okay if I go to .. ” instead of declaring… Continue reading Square One Again

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Miercoles Mudo – 106 – Wordless Wednesday

No tengo mucho que decir, porque quiero mostrar esta foto. Digamos que hoy es Miercoles Mudo. I don’t have much to say, because I want to show this photo. Let’s call today Wordless Wednesday. Hoy my abuela cumple sus 106 años. Imaginemos lo que pensaba, cuando mi primo Hamlet y los demás familiares tomaron esta… Continue reading Miercoles Mudo – 106 – Wordless Wednesday