Friends and family day – save up to 20 percent

This Friday, October 19, 2012, Walgreens is sharing the employee discount with every single customer. Every customer, actually, who takes the time to print the coupon or enter the code during checkout while ordering online.

To explain it briefly, for Friday’s promotion the employee discount is 15 percent on most items, and 20 percent on W, Nice or Walgreens brand products. Also, free shipping for online orders over $25.

But don’t take my word for it – go to to check the details. Then print your coupon, or place your order, and enjoy the perks of employee discount pricing.

Happy shopping!

Square One Again

Earlier this month I tied the knot. Became a wife. Yup, he calls me missus.

To quote Shug Avery in The Color Purple

I’s married now!

There was a flurry of hugs, a few signatures, and now a whole new life begins. I find myself asking “honey is it okay if I go to .. ” instead of declaring “Lesli, I am going to .. “

Sometime during the flurry of last-minute details, loose ends, and preparing for back to school, there was a notice of yearly charges for – I saw this and decided to not renew the domain.

My decision, without any input, has been to blog for fun. Share about the days, outings, people that bring me joy. If someone likes what I write, wonderful. If nobody likes what I write, awesome. Because this social media thing was supposed to be fun, not a job or a career for me.

When there is a chance to connect with friends, or connect friends to each other, I will make it happen.

Please join me at, at or at as I share images of interesting things. But only after a family discussion ;-)

Miercoles Mudo – 106 – Wordless Wednesday

No tengo mucho que decir, porque quiero mostrar esta foto. Digamos que hoy es Miercoles Mudo.

I don’t have much to say, because I want to show this photo. Let’s call today Wordless Wednesday.

Hoy my abuela cumple sus 106 años. Imaginemos lo que pensaba, cuando mi primo Hamlet y los demás familiares tomaron esta foto?

Today is my abuela’s (grandma’s) 106th birthday. Let’s imagine .. what she was thinking, when my cousin Hamlet and the rest of the family took this photo?

Abuela - Grandma 106

Abuela - Grandma 106

Lessons from 2011

In the past year I may have experienced every positive human emotion. Gratitude, when I realized my neighbors watched for Lesli and me, by shoveling after the snow. Awestruck surprise, when Daisy invited me and two other ladies into her personal kitchen for an unforgettable cooking lesson. Pride, when I received the dean’s award. Joy, when Arthur asked me to marry him.

It would seem my heart has overflowed with all good emotions. Honestly, last year when I was watching the confetti drop on Times Square I never expected any of this. As 2011 comes to a close, this photo (snapped when I stepped away from the table during a dinner outing with Daisy) seems most appropriate.

Lesson 2011 Cherish Live Dream

Cherish Live Dream Lesson 2011

Cherish Yesterday – Live Today – Dream Tomorrow

As I think of 2012 I will be completing my degree and taking a walk to the altar. I look forward to more good things as the year starts in a few hours. I look forward to becoming a wife, and making a start as a family. What do you have happening in 2012?