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Lessons from 2011

In the past year I may have experienced every positive human emotion. Gratitude, when I realized my neighbors watched for Lesli and me, by shoveling after the snow. Awestruck surprise, when Daisy invited me and two other ladies into her personal kitchen for an unforgettable cooking lesson. Pride, when I received the dean’s award. Joy, when Arthur asked me… Continue reading Lessons from 2011

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Spotted While Walking 3 – Wordfilled Wednesday

*Hi everyone – I’m encouraging Lesli to write more often, especially when she notices unusual things. Below is what she told me about her walk home, on a warm day. She wrote it herself. Since Lesli was not directly involved in the incident, she included a photo of the tree, not the person.* Not very… Continue reading Spotted While Walking 3 – Wordfilled Wednesday