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Rita’s Ice – First Day Of Spring … FREE ice (and photo contest)

If you have a Rita’s Ice shop nearby – lucky me, there’s one a short walk from home – remember today is free ice day. Also, Rita’s has a photo contest you can enter on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Basic information: free ice from noon to 9 pm at participating locations, follow Rita’s on the… Continue reading Rita’s Ice – First Day Of Spring … FREE ice (and photo contest)

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#ThrowbackThursday – Sympathies

Another one of those old chain emails, from the days before Twitter and Facebook. I’m setting a personal goal of posting another for next week, instead of photos, to share some “oldies but goodies” messages. #ThrowbackThursday And now .. a moment of silence please. ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **… Continue reading #ThrowbackThursday – Sympathies

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Square One Again

Earlier this month I tied the knot. Became a wife. Yup, he calls me missus. To quote Shug Avery in The Color Purple I’s married now! There was a flurry of hugs, a few signatures, and now a whole new life begins. I find myself asking “honey is it okay if I go to .. ” instead of declaring… Continue reading Square One Again