Over the years my daughter and I have discussed, debated and negotiated how to organize the kitchen. So far we agree on these ideas:

  1. Keep things where they make sense. Spices might go in the pantry, or in the cabinet by the stove. Bread might belong in the refrigerator, or on the counter. In your kitchen, you decide.
  2. Clean out leftovers and expired foods from your fridge the night before garbage pickup.
  3. Wipe your fridge after emptying it, go grocery shopping while the water evaporates.
  4. When unpacking groceries, put new unopened packages behind the ones you already have.
  5. Rinse containers to reuse or recycle them.
  6. Store garlic in the refrigerator. Buy a head of garlic, smash and peel each clove. Put all the cloves into a jar of olive oil, seal the jar and store this in the refrigerator. When you need olive oil it will be infused with garlic flavor. When you need garlic it will already be peeled.
  7. For garlic butter – smash a clove of garlic from the olive oil jar. Add herbs and spices, ta-da.
  8. Stinky hands after working with garlic, onions or other foods? Put soap and water on your hands and scrub your stainless steel fixtures. Something about the metal bonds to the smell. Rinse fixtures thoroughly of course.
  9. Use trivets. If a metal trivet might scratch your pot or pan, use an extra potholder or dishtowel.
  10. If you have lots of knives, buy a “drawer organizer” or knife block and put it where you think best.
  11. Coffee filters are good for more than brewing. Strain wine through a filter into a carafe if the cork breaks.
  12. Zipper storage bags can be used to marinate meats, store leftovers, crush cookie crumbs, pipe frosting, even make a cold or warm compress.
  13. Handheld strainers can be used to sprinkle cocoa powder, instant coffee or superfine sugar over store-bought desserts for a homemade touch.


I’ll be adding more tips and tricks as we come up with them. Feel free to add any of your ideas or suggestions.

2 thoughts on “Kitchen

  1. great tips…. do you have any tips about cooking & keeping the smell off your clothes (such as onions or even bacon, sausage)? My sister suggested I use cinnamon sticks which I did today. Any other suggestions? For some reason, I smell it all day. I have a great sense of smell. My husband said I would be a good taste tester because I pick up on everything he uses on his meals whether he uses brown sugar, cinnamon, etc…..

    1. Hi Daisy!

      I did a search, and found white vinegar mentioned as an odor fighter. You can mix a spray bottle half-vinegar, half-water and spritz in the air (this sounds good for odors trapped in clothes – please try an inside seam first to make sure the color is not affected).

      Another idea was to wipe surfaces with unmixed vinegar. I think that would work for counters.

      Now, my suggestion since you say cinnamon sticks helped, how about putting cinnamon sticks into a vase with whole coffee beans? Then when you cook something, stir the coffee beans with the cinnamon stick.

      Let me know which of these work best for you.

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