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Lost between the moon and New York City?

We’ve all at one time or another felt lost unexpectedly explored a new neighborhood. One wrong turn coming out of the subway station, or one station too far, and it’s a whole different planet. The stores don’t look right, street vendors look hostile, even the pigeons look aggressive. So what’s a traveler to do, besides keep… Continue reading Lost between the moon and New York City?

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Rita’s Ice – First Day Of Spring … FREE ice (and photo contest)

If you have a Rita’s Ice shop nearby – lucky me, there’s one a short walk from home – remember today is free ice day. Also, Rita’s has a photo contest you can enter on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Basic information: free ice from noon to 9 pm at participating locations, follow Rita’s on the… Continue reading Rita’s Ice – First Day Of Spring … FREE ice (and photo contest)

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Remembering a Friend

Almost four years ago, in the town where I grew up, we mourned the loss of a man who everyone knew. A man who left his mark in the school system, the municipal court, and in the hearts of many people. Depending how you met him, you might have called him an activist, advocate, loudmouth, major… Continue reading Remembering a Friend

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No Stress – It’s Under Control

This is one of my favorite scripture passages in the Bible.  Every time I see sparrows flitting around on power wires, it makes me smile (see verse 26), or wildflowers growing on a mountain (verse 30), it gives me comfort to know that some things are not supposed to be controlled. Matthew 6:25-34 (King James… Continue reading No Stress – It’s Under Control